Victim Assistance

If you are a victim of a criminal act, you have rights and are entitled to protection from the youth offender and may receive compensation for injury and property damage. These rights include:

  1. addresses and telephone numbers are protected, youth can not have access to that information
  2. are not to be excluded from the courtroom during trial, which implies to members of a murder victims' family as well
  3. have a right to express your views concerning the crime, the effect on you, and your feelings about what the sentence ought to be
  4. the board of parole and post-prison supervision must attempt to notify the district attorney and you if you have previously requested notification, in writing, of parole hearings and release dates of incarcerated offenders.

The people of Oregon spoke out about victims' rights during the November 1999 elections. As a result, the State Constitution was amended to include victims' rights during a criminal procedure. These include:

  • to be informed and present at any proceedings regarding the youth
  • receive information about youth's prior history, and informed of youth's release date prior to release
  • get a copy of a transcript of any open court proceedings
  • have the district attorney consult you about plea negotiations in violent felony cases
  • be informed of these rights as soon as possible
  • amends the constitution to guarantee the victim the right to be reasonably protected from the youth

The Victim's Assistance Program through the Curry County District Attorney provides the following services:

  • General information regarding the criminal justice system
  • Specific information about the youth's criminal case
  • Accompaniment to court proceedings by an advocate
  • Crisis intervention by trained advocates. The will provide emotional support and refer victims to appropriate social service agencies and professional counselor
  • Assistance in ensuring that your testimony can be given without fear of intimidation
  • Assist in filing for Crime Victim Compensation through the Department of Justice Crime Victim Compensation Program
  • Assisting with emergency shelter for victims of domestic and family violence
  • Assisting in recovery of property from evidence and financial loss through restitution to be paid by the youth

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