Common Questions

How do I get to the Juvenile Department? What are your hours of operation?

How do I make after hours contact with the Juvenile Department?

How do I get a court appointed attorney for my child?

I have a court appointed attorney, how do I get a different one?

Do I, as the parent, have the right to a court appointed attorney?

How long does probation last?

Is it possible to have my child placed in detention?

My child uses drugs or alcohol, where can I go to get help?

How do I get a restraining order?

Is a juvenile record confidential?

Can my child's record be destroyed at some point?

My child is not going to school, what can I do?

How do I get emancipated?

At what age can a child be left alone?

What do I do if I see a young child being abused or neglected?

My child is out of control, what can I do?

My child ran away, what will happen?

I am a runaway. What can I do?

What is the curfew for juveniles?

What is Measure 11?

What is a Violation, Misdemeanor and Felony?

What is a Status Offense?

What is a Delinquent Act?

My daughter's ex-boyfriend is stalking her. How do I handle it?

What do I need to know about wilderness survival programs before I send my child to one?