Basic Services

Violation Process Overview

If a youth has been involved in a law violation, it is up to a law enforcement agency to investigate. If they find probable cause to believe that a crime was committed, they will forward their police report to the Juvenile Department.  The case will be assigned to a Juvenile Department counselor who will be responsible to manage the case. Certain offenses require District Attorney review before Juvenile Department staff decides on how to proceed. In other cases, staff will meet with the offender and his/her family, conduct a juvenile offender risk assessment screen and develop a case plan with the youth and the family. Upon completion of this assessment, the youth will be given the appropriate sanctions for the incident based on the graduated offense model. This plan may call for the case being handled informally (informal probation conditions) or formal processing (court hearings and judicial orders). Victims of juvenile crimes will also be involved in the Juvenile Department counselor's planning.

Juvenile Crime Prevention Program
The Curry County Juvenile Department prides itself in the prevention resources offered in our county. Prevention is recommended for youth between the ages of 11 and 18, that have no criminal charges pending and could benefit from pro-social interactions, educational support, wrap around services, check-ins, medical or mental health assistance, or any variety of help.
Each request for services will be screened and an assessment will be conducted for level of intervention services. The benefits for students allow: 1) opportunity for plain talk and positive contact with the School Resource Counselor; 2) opportunity to participate in the program to identify and evaluate behaviors which contribute to achievements and at risk behaviors; 3) opportunity to build competency skills which will lead to successful participation in school, community and home; and 4) opportunity which supports and emphasizes strengths.

If you would like additional information and/or to refer your child to this program, please contact our office.

Funds for these services are provided through the Oregon Youth Development Council, Juvenile Crime Prevention Program.

 Parenting Guide/Handbook

The Curry County Juvenile Department has created a Parenting Book that is free to all parents. It includes parenting tips, strategies and resources in Curry County.

Skill Building and Anger Management Sessions

The Curry County Juvenile Department provides an 10 week evidence-based program, that is offered in schools and community. It teaches effective structured social learning skills such as controlling anger, decision making, goal setting, problem solving, and more. We teach by example through lots of practice, role playing and intervention techniques.

Drug and Alcohol

MIP (Minor in Possession of Alcohol) & UPOM (Unlawful Possession Less than 1 oz of Marijuana) referrals

MIP and UPOM referrals by law enforcement require and automatic court appearance. A petition is filed with the court and a summons is served by law enforcement on the youth and parent/guardian.

Minor in Possession of Tobacco Products
  1. First Referral - Youth are referred to attend a 4 hour Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco education course.
  2. Second and Subsequent Referrals - Youth are required to pay a fine of $110.00.

In-Home Instant Urinalysis Kits

A grant has allowed this department to promote health and wellness in our county by offering instant UA home test kits for parents and guardians so they can test their children in the privacy of their own home if or when substance abuse is a concern.

Youth Diversion Education Program

Alternatives is a youth diversion education program designed for youth who have been cited for alcohol and other drug-related violations. It is also offered for youth who need positive changes to make good decisions and refrain from illegal use.

Community Service Work Program

The Curry County Juvenile Department offers amazing opportunities for youth to give back to their community by helping non-profit agencies through community service projects. The youth develop work ethic, skills for employment, and gain pride in a job well done.

Girls Empowerment Groups 

Our Girls Empowerment Group is facilitated by the Curry County Juvenile Department and it is hosted in the schools county wide. It provides girls with gender specific skill building tools to help them with self esteem, self image, and it helps develop pro-social networks. 

Community Awareness

If your organization or group would like a member of our department to speak about issues our youth face and prevention efforts in our community we are happy to educate and share our knowledge.