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Residential On-Site Septic Program

The On-Site Septic Program, sometimes referred to as On-Site Sanitation, or just On-Site Program, is administered by the County through authority granted by the State's Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ).  The County is obligated through this authority to apply DEQ regulations and requirements. 

Curry County contracts with Josephine County to process Curry County’s applications.  Applicants apply to Curry County, but Josephine County processes the paperwork, conducts field inspections, and serves as the contact for any questions about the applications or related inspections.

The On-Site Septic Program is utilized for rural development where no public sewer is available.  Because state land use laws limit these types of public facilities in rural zones, it is the only established and approved method of sewerage disposal in these areas.  In urban areas, such as incorporated cities, a public sewer system is typically available and is the system of choice for higher density development.

The program requires three (3) primary steps to legally establish a system associated with a rural zone development.  First, a site evaluation must be performed using specific criteria or rules. An applicant initiates the process by applying to Curry County for a site evaluation, including providing fees, a site plan map for the property indicating the desired location of the system, and a minimum of two (2) test holes dug in the area desired for the system.  Once a site evaluation is complete by Josephine County staff and approved based on evaluation of the test holes provided, an application for construction can be made.

The application to Curry County for construction also includes fees and is specific to the type of system approved for the site.  Lastly, a series of inspections is conducted to ensure the system is installed properly by measuring such items as slope across the septic lines and leveling of the tank.  The complexity of the system required and the physical features of the site determine the number of site inspections needed.  For the most simple systems, one or two inspections are usually required.  For more complicated systems, such as a sand filter, multiple inspections may be necessary.

On this page you will find forms and a fee schedule.  Be advised forms and fees do change occasionally, so be sure to use the latest form posted on this page.  To apply for the site evaluation, construction of the system, or to submit any application, please do so by sending the paperwork and fee (On-Site Septic Fees) to:

Curry County On-Site Program
94235 Moore Street, Ste. 113
Gold Beach, OR 97444

Applications may also be submitted on-line from the Oregon ePermitting Website at: https://aca-oregon.accela.com/oregon/

Directions for how to use the Oregon ePermitting website: https://www.oregon.gov/bcd/epermitting/howto/Pages/index.aspx

Oregon Records Management Solutions (Document view/download)

How to Use the Oregon Records Management Solutions:

For questions about the application, or other technical matters, please contact Josephine County at:  (541) 474-5444 or onsiteseptic@josephinecounty.gov

For commercial applications and questions, contact your local DEQ Office:  (541) 269-2721, ext. 233.

For complaints about the program, please contact Mark Stevenson, Josephine County Community Development Director at: (541) 474-5444.

Septic System Repair Loans
DEQ is once again partnering with Craft3, a nonprofit lender, to provide affordable onsite septic system loans starting November 1, 2021 across Oregon. These loans enable homeowners to finance septic system repair and replacement for aging and failing systems. They cover all eligible permitting, design and installation costs; they have lower rates and flexible terms for lower-income borrowers, including borrowers who may not have perfect credit. For systems requiring ongoing maintenance the loans include reserves for maintenance and repairs.

You can learn more about Clean Water Loans on Craft3’s website - www.Craft3.org/CleanWaterOre

Septic Application Flow Chart

Site Evaluation Packet
Construction Application Packet
Authorization Notice Packet
Repair Permit Packet
Alteration Permit Packet

Planning Clearance Packet - Septic Only (For Use if required in one of the above application packets)

Notice Authorizing Representative

Land Use Compatibility Statement (LUCS)

Statement of Site Status

Existing System Evaluation Report (ESER) Form

List of Existing System Evaluation Report (ESER) Installers

Tank Abandonment Form

Annual Operation & Maintenance Report Form

Holding Tank Pumping Record

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