Animal Services

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(541) 373-9644

Mission Statement:

The mission of Curry County Animal Services (Animal Control) is to assure the safety of People, Pets, and domestic animals; also to promote animal welfare and the enhancement of our community’s quality of life.  Our mission is accomplished through service, education, and enforcement.

 What we Do:

Animal services provide services throughout the County, including within our incorporated cities and various other communities. 

 Response to Public Safety Emergencies:

We respond to calls concerning dangerous and aggressive dogs out and animal bites to humans. We provide quarantine observation of animals involved in bites to humans.
Fillable Animal Bite Report

 Rescue of Pets In Emergency:

We respond to help injured, sick, and neglected animals that have been hit in traffic, poison, shot, abandoned, suffering from disease, or starving.  We respond to emergencies to provide temporary housing for pets whose owners are temporarily unable to care for them due to medical emergencies or other unforeseen events. 

Mediation of Neighborhood Disputes Caused by Pets:

The presence of companion animals in our community can induce emotionally charged disputes in any neighborhood. Unfortunately, many pet owners find it troublesome to properly confine their pets, keep them quiet, keep them from breeding, and provide proper care. The result is increased annoyance, aggravation, and friction between neighbors. Oftentimes animal control intervention is needed to mediate a solution, enforce animal control regulations, enforce humane treatment of animals, investigate livestock damage were chasing complaints involving dogs. Our goal is to aid with solutions and to restore peace to the neighborhood.

Stray Dogs:

Oregon Law and Curry County Ordinances requires all dogs to be leashed or under direct control at all times when they are off the owner’s property.  Leash laws were enacted to protect both people and our pets from injuries involving auto accidents, dog bites.  Animal control does not actively patrol for leash law violations but does respond to complaints and ongoing situations. Some areas such as within public parks (usually, the area is posted) require all dogs to be leashed at all times.  A violation can result in the issuance of a warning or citation as appropriate.