Animal Services

Animal Services 
Monitored 24/7
(541) 247-3366

At this time, Curry County Animal Services are limited to dogs at large, dog licensing, and assistance to law enforcement with animal-related issues. All abuse and/or neglect matters should be reported to the Curry County Sheriff's Office or your local police department. 

If you have lost an animal, contact Curry County Animal Services at 541-247-3366.  Leave a message with the following information:

  • Your name and telephone number
  • Where the pet went missing/was found (cross streets and city)
  • The date your pet went missing/was found.
  • Name, gender, age, size, color(s), and distinguishing marks.
  • Please mention if your lost animal has a microchip.

If you have found an animal and it is contained (in your home, on a leash, or in your yard, etc.) please call (541) 247-3366 and an Animal Services representative will come to retrieve the dog. 

If you have found an animal and it is NOT contained (in other words it is running at large) please call (541) 247-3366 and report the animal. Animal Services representatives WILL NOT report to address an animal at large that is not contained. 

All FOUND animals that are not immediately associated with an owner are posted on the Curry County Government Facebook page. 

Avoid the Heartache -

  • keep visible ID on your animal at all times!
  • License your dog with the County… It is the law, a licensed dog is more likely to be returned to its owners.
  • Get your pet “microchip” with an electronic chip that contains your contact information. The shelter and many veterinarians have equipment that can read the chip information so that they can contact you and return your pet to you safely.
  • Make sure you contact the chip manufacturer if you move or your phone number or email address change.