Disaster Services

Disaster Services:

The Curry County Animal Rescue Team  (CCART) is prepared to answer the call for any large-scale emergencies, such as wildfires, flooding, earthquakes, or other natural disasters. Volunteers are trained and equipped to perform search and rescue of domestic animals within disaster areas in coordination with Curry Emergency Management and other first responder organizations. 

The teams can be called to assist with evacuations of animals, conduct searches in evacuated areas, safely secure and transport animals to safe kenneling and livestock pen compounds.  If your animal has been left behind in a disaster, contact either the local incident command center or Animal Services at 541-247-3366. 

Be prepared and have disaster preparedness in place along with an emergency kit to keep all of your animals in your care safe during a natural disaster and everyday emergencies.  We recommend that you register your animals with the County’s Other Animal Registration program.  This is a voluntary program that only takes a few minutes online to list the type and location of animals on your property.  All information collected during the registration process is confidentially maintained and only used during a disaster incident to help facilitate animal search and rescue efforts. 

CCART is uniquely capable of caring for the animal victims of disasters. CCART equipment consists of a mobile command center, portable kenneling, horse trailers, and field rescue vehicles. 

The most important thing you can do to prepare for an emergency is to create a disaster plan and practice it regularly. As you create a plan for yourself and your family, do not forget your pets! CCART offers these tips to ensure your pets’ safety in the event of an emergency or natural disaster.


  • Microchip your dogs and cats, and ensure they are wearing current ID tags at all times.
  • Familiarize yourself with pet CPR, resuscitation, and general first aid. If roads are blocked, emergency services may not be available.
  • Keep your pets current on vaccines. During a disaster, your pet may get lost or may be housed in a shelter with other animals, thereby potentially being exposed to infectious diseases.
  • Entrust a neighbor or friend to get your pets to safety, in case you are at work when a disaster strikes, and make a back-up plan to board your animal during a disaster (veterinarian, boarding facility, etc.).
  • Register your pets and other animals with the Curry County Animal Registration system. Upon registration, we will supply you with a Pet Alert sign for your property.
  • Display a Pet Alert sign in doors and windows, so responders know there are animals on the premises.

In addition to the food, water, and supplies you need for the people in your family, make sure to include the following items for your pets in your disaster kit.

  • Current photos of your pets, copies of vaccination records & veterinarian’s contact info.
  • Collars, leashes & carriers for your pets.
  • A minimum of three weeks’ supply of pet food & bottled water (plus bowls & can openers).
  • Treats, toys, blankets & towels.
  • Pet First Aid Kit (should include: pet first aid book, antiseptic, topical ointment, dressing, and any prescribed pet medications).
  • Soft muzzle (some government evacuation vehicles/facilities may require for all dogs).
  • Waste removal system: disposable baggies for dogs and/or cat litter, scooper & temporary litter box (like a disposable aluminum foil pan) for cats.
  • Animal Evacuated sign (to alert responders that your animals are safely evacuated)


  • Try to stay calm. If you display anxiety and stress, your pet will detect it. This could trigger aggressive behaviors or flight response.
  • Continuously check pet structures and favorite hiding places for hazardous debris.
  • Alert local shelters immediately if your pet becomes lost.
  • Display your “Animal Evacuated” sign if you evacuate with your pet so that emergency teams can respond where assistance is needed.