Sex Offender Notification

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A statewide database of all registered sex offenders is maintained by the Oregon State Police Sex Offender Unit. The State of Oregon Sex Offender Inquiry System is a searchable database of Notification Level 3 (High Risk) designated sex offenders subject to community notification, who are residing within Oregon.

The interactive website allows you to search for a specific Notification Level 3 (High Risk) sex offender or offenders living in a geographic area by zip code or within a radius of a specific address, among other options.

The list of Notification Level 3 sex offenders on the public site is much shorter than the list of all registered sex offenders. The site explains the criteria used for the searchable database.

Additional information about the Oregon Sex Offender Notification Levels can be found at:

Oregon State Police Sex Offender Inquiry System

Oregon State Police - Sex Offender Registration Unit

3565 Trelstad Ave SE
Salem, OR  97317 ​
(503) 934-1258


You may also request a complete list of all sex offenders in your neighborhood by telephone or in writing.