Contacting Someone in Jail


Adults in Custody (AIC) at the Curry County Jail have access to telephone services between the hours of 6 AM & 11 PM. Newly admitted AIC's have access to a phone at booking to contact people at all hours of the day. AIC's are given a 3 minute free phone call at booking to contact family for notification purposes.

Our phones are serviced by GTL Inc, all rates are controlled by them.  You may check the rates by going to

AIC's have the ability to call collect, or use money from the accounts to make phone calls. Once money is moved to the phone account, it can not be transferred back to the commissary account. Many cell phones do not accept collect calls.


AIC's also have access to tablets to communicate with family and friends. These tablets are a service provided by GTL, and the rates are set by them. For information on those rates, visit 

The tablets allow video visits and text messages for the purpose of communicating. The tablets also allow AIC's the ability to listen to music, watch movies, and play games much like tablets in the community. The content is restricted by GTL to allow safe and secure viewing within a correctional facility. 

More information about GTL Inc, and how to put money on an AIC's phone account please contact GTL at; 866-516-0115 or visit their website at You may also visit the Sheriff's Office lobby and deposit funds using the kiosk. There is a fee charged for using this kiosk.