Sending Mail to an Inmate

Inmates in custody at the Curry County Jail can receive mail Monday - Friday. Corrections Deputies will deliver mail to inmates within 24 hours of it arriving at the facility.

Mailing Address
Curry County Jail
C/o Inmates Name
94235 Moore Street, Suite 311
Gold Beach, OR 97444

We will not deliver any mail that:
1) Plans for escape, criminal activity or violates jail rules.
2) Threats of physical harm, blackmail, or other criminal activity.
3) Contains or is suspected to contain contraband.
4) Is written in code or suspected code
5) Contains sexually explicit material.
6) Is addressed to or from the victim or other protected party

Publications & Books
The Curry County Jail will accept newspapers for inmates that are current subscriptions and mailed from the distributor.
Soft cover books will be accepted only if they come directly from the publisher, book store or book clubs.

Mail Rejection
Personal inmate mail is inspected by Corrections Deputies and may be rejected or confiscated due to violations of the mail policy. Rejected mail will be returned to sender. Inmates whose mail is rejected will be given notice and an opportunity to appeal the decision to the jail command staff.

Money by Mail
Corrections Deputies will accept certified cashiers checks, money orders or government checks payable to an inmate for credit to an inmates commissary account. DO NOT SEND CASH in the mail.