Bail Information

Bail Information

Bail or security set by the courts may be paid in cash at the Curry County Jail. You will need to bring exact change. Corrections Deputies do not have change. You may call the Curry County Jail to check on the current security amount of an inmate. Bail amounts could change several times, so it is best to call the day you intend to bail the person out of jail.

When bailing an Adult in Custody (AIC) out of jail, you will be asked to provide a valid form of identification. You may not be the victim of the crime the AIC is accused of.

If you do not want to provide that information, you may deposit cash on an AIC's trust account using the kiosk in the lobby. There is a fee associated with using the kiosk, so bring more money then you need. The AIC will be able to bail themselves out, using their trust account, provided there is enough money in the account.

Adults released on a Security release agreement (Bail), will have conditions that they will have to follow, and a court date to appear. If they violate any of the conditions, or fail to appear for the court date, all of the bail money could be forfeited and a warrant for the persons arrest may be issued.

Fifteenth Judicial District
Curry County Courthouse
29821 Ellensburg Ave.
Gold Beach, OR 97444
• The Court may order the deposit forfeited to the State of Oregon if the defendant violates the conditions of their release.
• No money may be refunded until all matters in this case are completed in Court. If this defendant is found guilty, no money can be refunded until the defendant is sentenced.
• Any balance remaining will be refunded to the person indicated on the security release agreement as the person posting the money, unless otherwise ordered by the Court.
• No money will be refunded from the Curry Circuit Court Accounting Dept. until the Court has issued a signed order releasing the funds

Pursuant to ORS 135.265, and order of the Court, the following will be DEDUCTED from the money posted prior to any refund:
1. A 15% fee (not less than $5.00)
2. Any fines/fees imposed on the defendant from any charges which are pending or filed;
3. Any money the defendant owes the Court on any Oregon Circuit Court case;
4. Any money which the defendant owes in child support, and/or;
5. Any money which the person posting the money owes to the Court on any Oregon Circuit Court case or in child support.