Code Area Maps

Rogue River

                                       Code Area Maps and Definitions

Code: The code number, or code area; also known as the levy code or tax rate code.

Code Area: A specific area of land within which there is a unique combination of taxing districts yielding a given composite tax rate. Each code area is assigned a code number.

Code Li
ne: A line that represents the boundaries of taxing districts; the code number, not the code line, identifies the combination of taxing districts

Code Maps: Maps that show all code areas, code lines, and code numbers in a county, or a part of a county. "Code maps" should not be confused with "taxing district maps." Code maps show the combination of taxing districts, while taxing districts maps identify each taxing district.

Code Numbers: Numbers assigned to each code area in the county to identify the various taxing districts that make up each code area.

Curry Code Area

Port Orford Code Area

Gold Beach Code Area

Brookings Code Area