Commissioner Christopher Paasch

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First, and most importantly, I am not a politician.  What I am is a hardworking resident of Curry County with a lifetime track record of developing and running successful businesses.  More recently, I shifted gears. My wife, Bonnie and I threw our energy into developing a nonprofit called Dreams Hope and Faith Foundation that benefits the children of Curry County as well as surrounding counties. I understand what it takes to keep an organization operating at its full potential. I know how to approach tough decisions with a clear, fair mind and a positive attitude. Hard work and a love for where you live are two very important ingredients to being a success for Curry Co.

I love this Country and everything it was founded on. Every day I feel blessed and lucky to live in Curry County. I will do all I can to provide the revenue sources to fund our County.  Our local schools and businesses are suffering. The Sheriff’s office struggles to find funds that are needed to protect us. Our kids suffer as continual cuts are made to our schools. We need to do better to support and grow local businesses and increase funding for schools, police, housing, while smartly budgeting funds. I will work hard to make sure our kids get the best education and that we focus on building strong communities with jobs that support and secure the future of Curry County families. We need to give our kids a reason to settle in Curry County after they finish school. I will work together as a TEAM with local, county and state officials, and find solutions to preserve this beautiful County we are privileged to live in.

I am not promising that I know every solution, but I am promising to work together to find those solutions. I am not too smart to learn and listen to ideas that will better this home of ours.

I hope you will join me in my vision to make Curry County a better place to live.

Christopher Paasch Curry County Commissioner


Citizens who wish to contact Commissioner Paasch may call 541-373-7203 or E-Mail