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Scott Fein PLS, CWRE
County Surveyor
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Barbara Colton 
Administrative Assistant
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The County Surveyor's office provides services to the public and to other Curry County departments.  Some of the services provided:

  •  Assist the public with general information relating to their property.
  •  Assist the public with available public information relating to Surveys, Boundaries, and other Geospatial data.               
  •  Index and maintain copies of filed Maps, recorded Plats, Corner Records and other survey information, both in the office and online.
  • Recover, re-establish and maintain Public Land Survey System (PLSS) corners.  PLSS corners are the monuments placed by the Government Land Office (GLO) now called the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Surveyors.  Generally, these monuments were placed every 1/2 mile to mark the Section Corners and Quarter Corners.  Meander Corners were placed along water bodies.  Maintaining the PLSS and records thereof is an important duty of the County Surveyor and other Licensed Land Surveyors.
  • Review Partition, Subdivision, and Condominium plats prior to recording.
  • Review and file Maps of Survey and Corner Records.
  • Assisting the customer to locate the maps needed, collecting and receipting the fees and replacing the map in the file.
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Corner Record Indexes
Corner Records 
Contains all of the corner records and the notes in Volumes 9 - 17
First & Second County Surveyor Records 
First County Surveyor Work List
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County Surveyor Record Volume 1 1878 - 1908
County Surveyor Record Volume 2
Government Notes Volumes 1-8
Gearhart's Field Books
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Curry Co. Road Inventory 1967
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