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Vegetation Management

As part of its ongoing Integrated Vegetation Management Program, the Curry County Road Department will be addressing vegetation problems by using location specific treatment with herbicides on the county roads listed below. This work is typically performed in late April, May and September. Roadside neighbors who desire an alternative to herbicides are encouraged to obtain an application and permit to control vegetation on county roads. The County will furnish markers to define the boundaries of these areas. Reasonable precautions to avoid use of herbicides along the roadside between the clearly visible and posted markers will be taken.

Applications and markers are available at the Curry County Road Department, 28425 Hunter Creek Road, Gold Beach, Oregon. Applications may also be obtained by mail by calling the Road Department, or viewed and printed by clicking here.  Complete the form and mail it along with payment to: Curry County Road Department, 28425 Hunter Creek Road, Gold Beach, OR, 97444.

If you have any questions, please call (541) 247-7097.

Road Spray List


Rd#  Road Name

106   Bono Rd

111   First St

116   Kerber Dr

117   Allen Boice Dr

118   Langlois Mtn Rd

124   Floras Creek Rd

125   Cope Lane

130   Floras Lake Lp

134   Haga Rd

136   Floras Lake Rd

142   Boice-Cope Rd

143   Woodruff Lane

145   Stonecypher Rd

148   County Shop Rd

160   Airport Rd

172   Crystal Creek Rd

178   Childers Rd

184   Sixes River Rd

190   Dewey Rd

196   Grassy Knob Rd

202   Mckenzie Rd

208   Elk River Rd

220   Silver Butte Rd 

221   Rose Wy 

226   Myrtle Ln 

229   Zumwalt Ln 

230   Port Orford Lp Rd 

232   Hensley Hill Rd 

244   Paradise Point Rd 

245   Arizona St 

268   Cemetery Loop Rd

274   Hubbard Creek Rd

277   Noble Drive

280   China Mt Rd


Rd#   Road Name

375   Agness-Illahe Rd

450   Oak Flat Rd

500   Arizona Ranch Rd

505   Euchre Creek Rd

507   Starkweather Rd

509   Coy Creek Rd

510   Ophir Rd

511.1 Horizon Drive

511.2 Humbug Lane

511.3 Mutts Way

515   Cedar Valley Rd

520   McKinnon Dr

524   Nesika Rd

525   Grange Rd

531   B St 

532   Kilgore Rd 

534   Gun Club Rd 

535   Hillside Acres Rd 

540   Edson Creek Rd

541   Nesika Beach Dump Rd

545   N. Bank Rogue

555   Old Coast Rd

575   Wedderburn Lp

595   Jerry's Flat Rd

605   Grizzly Mountain Rd

630   Hunter Ck Complex 

635   Hunter Creek Rd

637   Hunter Creek Lp

640   Brooks Rd 

645   Mateer Rd 

655   Hunter Creek Hts

665   Little South Fork Rd

675   Thimbleberry Rd

685   80 Acre Rd

688   Pistol River Cemetery Rd

690   N. Bank Pistol River Rd

691   Pistol River School Rd

693   Pistol River Lp

695   S. Bank Pistol River Rd



Rd#   Road Name

703   Eggers Rd

704   Cape Ferrelo Rd

706   Cornett Rd

709.1 Pacific Crest Dr

712   Duley Creek Rd

720   Rainbow Rock Rd

721   Coverdell Rd

728   Demoss Rd 

752   Parkview Dr

753   Dodge Ave

776   Old County Rd

778.1 Marina Hgts Lp 

778.2 Pacific View Dr 

778.3 Eastwood Ln 

778.4 Westwood Ln  

784   N Bank Chetco River Rd

792   Thompson Rd

800   Gardner Ridge Rd

808   S. Bank Chetco River Rd

808.1 S.B. Chetco Underpass

815   Shopping Center Ave

816   Lower Harbor Rd

824   Boat Basin Rd 

861   Tuttle Ln

862   Gavin Ln

872   Oceanview Dr

880   Pedrioli Dr

882   Camellia Dr

890   Museum Rd

894   Laurence Ln

896   Winchuck River Rd

897   State Line Rd