Absent Property Registration Information

The Property Registration Program has been suspended until further notice. Thank you for your participation. If the program is reinstated, you will be notified in writing.
The Curry County Board of Commissioners adopted ordinance 20-01 ‘Property Registration Ordinance’ In March of 2020, the ordinance became effective July 1, 2020, and affects your property in Curry County to control blight and offset the expenses associated with properties where the owner is absent.

The multiple property collection issues that were brought to Code Enforcement in 2020 and the Pandemic, put the dispensation of 2021 on hold for the 2020-2021 fiscal year. We are starting the program back up in the 2022-2023 fiscal year after addressing the issues.

The Board of Commissioners in February 2022 approved a way to collect on multiple properties. If the owner owns multiple properties that are adjoined, then the owner will only need to pay one registration fee. If the properties are not adjoined, each property will need to pay the $120 registration fee.

To Register

An online registration form (including payment portal, fees of 2.65% ($3.18 on $120) for Credit Cards and $1.50 for e-checks) is available via the link in the blue boxes to the left or click here.  Out of County Property Owner Registration Online Form.  If you have trouble with the online form, please make sure that you are using the most recent version of your browser and any pop-up blockers are turned off.  Click here for a downloadable form.

Exemption from Registration Fee:

The registration fee may be waived for any of the following reasons.  Fee Waiver does not exempt the property owner from completing the registration form.

  1. An individual, who is listed as an owner of the property, resides in Curry County for more than six months per year. (Please include documentation: Curry County Drivers license, an electric bill with yearly usage graph located near the bottom of the bill, or yearly summery of amount paid for address of Curry Co. property.) 
  2. The Property Owner has retained an Oregon Licensed property manager or service, which is based or has a full-time agent located within Curry County.
  3. The Property Owner has entered into a contract or written agreement with an individual or entity located in Curry County, for the management and responsibility for compliance with all applicable laws, ordinances governing the property. (This agreement needs to acknowledge that the property owner authorizes their agent to control or manage their property, and the agent agrees to be legally responsible for the compliance with all applicable laws and ordinances related to the property.  Both parties must sign the agreement and a copy is required to be submitted to the County to affect an exemption request.)

Curry County Code Enforcement 
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