Environmental & Health Issues

Environment and Health Concerns 
Enforcement of Article Six of Curry County Ordinances, which includes solid waste matters, offensive odors, abandoned properties, abandoned vehicles on private properties, Noise Nuisance Ordinance, littering and property safety concerns.

Some of the ordinances are as follows:

6.01.030 (1) (a) Putrescible Waste Improperly Store or not removed.
6.01.030 (1) (b) Accumulation of solid waste material conducive to rodent propagation.
6.01.030 (1) (f) Solid waste that may be toxic, infectious, explosive, or otherwise hazardous.
6.03.040 Unlawful deposit of rubbish or other solid waste on land or water.
ORS 164.805 (1)(a) Offensive Littering, creating stench or degrades the beauty of a property.
6.12.040 Noise Ordinance Violation
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