Building Division

Building Permit Program

The Building Divisionadministers Curry County’s Building Permit Program by accepting and reviewing building permit applications, reviewing construction plans, issuing building permits and the field inspection of work in progress for compliance with state construction specialty codes, including structural, mechanical, plumbing and electrical.  This program offers services integral to safe construction and habitation of structures in Curry County, Port Orford and Gold Beach. These structures include stick built residential and commercial structures, set up of manufactured homes. Resources for your future construction needs include:

  1. E-permitting ( Use of the State of Oregon’s e-permitting system to track your building permit application.

  2. Building permit applications – these PDF fillable permit applications can be filled out and printed prior to your visit to the Building Division to submit your applications. These include:

    1. Building Permit
    2. Mechanical Permit
    3. Plumbing Permit
    4. Manufactured Home/Park Model Permit
    5. Planning Clearance

Private Land Code Enforcement Program

The Building Divisionalso administers the Private Land Code Enforcement Program. This Program provides the public access to the Building Division to report building code and land use ordinance violations relating to private property zoning, recreational vehicles and tents on private property.  This work includes inspections, investigations, and when necessary, citations based on complaints.  Not covered by this program are violations of the County’s regulations regarding nuisances, odors, and abandoned vehicles on private or public property; these are handled by  ++++++++++ at +++++++++++. 

You may complete a fillable PDF Private Land Code Enforcement Program Request for a violation investigation. E-mail the request to or mail the request to Nancy Chester, Planner, at 94235 Moore Street, Suite 113, Gold Beach Oregon 97444. Questions?  Call Nancy Chester at 541-247-3228.

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