Building & Zoning Issues

 Zoning and Building Code Concerns 

Enforcement of Zoning and Building Codes including non-permitted structures; non-permitted activities; illegal camping or residences on private property; grading violations; health and safety issues.  
Some of the Ordinances are as follows:
CCO 2.08.030(1) Building code applies to construction, alteration, moving, demolition, repair, maintenance and work associated with any building or structure, except those located in a public way.
CCO 2.08.080(4) Failure to comply with Stop Work Order
CCO 2.08.100(1) Building plans and permits required.
CCO 11.3.323 Erosion Prevention & Sedimentation Control Per Required
CCO 11.3.052 Conditional Use Permit Required for Activity or Structure on Private Property Forestry Grazing-FG

CCO        11.7.040                     Trailer, camping or recreational vehicle being used as a residence.

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