Animal Control

Animal Control:
(541) 247-3366
Monitored 24/7.

At this time, Curry County Animal Control Services are limited to dogs at large, dog licensing, and assistance to law enforcement with animal-related issues. All abuse and/or neglect matters should be reported to the Curry County Sheriff's Office or your local police department. 

You can apply for a new license or renew an existing license online or via mail/in person:


mail in

Please mail Applications and payment to:
Curry County Animal Services
94235 Moore Street, Suite 123
Gold Beach, OR  97444

If you have lost an animal, contact Curry County Animal Services at (541) 247-3366. We make every effort to have staff available 24/7, however, if no one is available to answer, please leave a message with a description of the animal and contact information for its owner. 

If you have found a dog and it is contained (in your home, on a leash, or in your yard, etc.) please call (541) 247-3366 and an Animal Control representative will retrieve it as soon as possible.

If you have found a dog and it is NOT contained (in other words it is running at large) please call (541) 247-3366 and report the animal. In most cases, Animal Control WILL NOT report to address a dog at large that is not contained. 

All FOUND dogs that are not immediately associated with an owner are posted on the Curry County Government Facebook page.

For all other animals, Animal Control will attempt to reunite the animal with its owner but may not retrieve it immediately.

Avoid the Heartache -

  • Keep visible ID on your animal at all times!
  • License your dog with the County - it's the law!
  • Get your pet microchipped with an implanted chip that contains your contact information. Animal Control, shelters, and many veterinarians have equipment that can read the chip information so that they can contact you and return your pet to you safely.