Dog and other Animal Licensing or Registration

Pet License Requirements:

In Oregon, every dog  companion, working and breeding over six months of age is required to have a current rabies vaccination and County dog license. State law and Curry County ordinance requires a license and anyone in violation is subject to substantial fines. Animal control enforces this law through contact while working cases, upon impound of an unlicensed dog, and through a license compliance campaign.

A dog license tag provides us with immediate information allowing us to return the dog directly to their home. 

In Curry County, licensed dogs get a free ride home!  To qualify for the “Free Ride Home” program:

  • Your dog must have a current Curry County, Oregon license, and
  • No prior incidents or visits within the past 12 months.
  • A responsible adult must be present at the time of release to accept the dog.

License Fees:

One Year License

Dog licenses are valid for twelve (12) months from the date purchased. 

Voluntary Cat registrations are valid for the life of the animal.


 (A current rabies Certificate
is required for all dogs)





  Senior Citizens

  Military Veteran Owners

  $48 for un-altered

  Service Animal

  No Charge *


  Cat Registration Voluntary

  $10 One-time fee

    Other Animals

(i.e. Goats, pigs, horses, cattle)

  Other Animal Registration Voluntary

  No Charge

* Please include Service dog registration or certification paper work along with rabies certificate to qualify for payment exemption. If you have questions regarding Service Dog Licenses, contact Curry Animal Services at 541-247-3366.

Monies derived from Dog Licenses are used to support the needs of dogs and other domestic animals, including emergency shelter, transportation, medical care, and other services such as low-cost vaccination and spay and neuter clinics, animal disaster services, training, and behavioral education programs.

Penalty Fee:

Dogs impounded to a shelter may result in a $50 penalty fee, and/or you may receive a citation to appear in Court. If your dog does not have a current license and rabies certificate, the purchase of a dog license is required along with proof of current rabies vaccination to release any impounded dog.

Enforcement action may also be taken if your dog was found to violate public nuisance ordinances such as running at large, excessive barking, chasing cars or other animals, unprovoked biting of a person; or if your dog is impounded more than once in 12 months.

Cat Registration:

Licenses are voluntary but encouraged in Curry County.  It provides identification and aids in returning a pet to their owners.  Cat registration is a one-time event with the cost of the $10.00 registration fee-paying for the identification tag and owner information tracking.

Other Animal Registration:

To help our ranchers and rural residents, owners of other animals living outside the city are encouraged to submit a voluntary registration that there are animals housed on their property.  There is NO COST for the registration and the process is performed online and only takes five minutes.  The information obtained during the registration process is confidential and is used to help identify owners of livestock who may have escaped, and to provide information to first responders during a disaster.  Please click on our Curry County Animal Rescue Program below for additional information.

How To Purchase A Dog License or Register Your Cat or Other Animal:

Dog License, Cat and Other Animal Registrations can be completed online through the Curry County Web Site by clicking:
dog Ry and Nobu - Copy (2)Other animals
The Dog license portal will not work if you are using Internet Explorer as your browser. It works well with Chrome and Microsoft Edge the latest versions are always a plus. Safari and Firefox also usually work. It is suggested not to use a phone, PC's and Tablets work better.

In Person or via mail at:

Curry County Animal Services
94235 Moore Street, Suite 113
Gold Beach, OR 97444

Mail-in Application Form

Also, in person at the following locations:

In the Gold Beach area:

Wild Rivers Animal Rescue
29921 Airport Way, Gold Beach, Oregon

In the Port Orford area:

Happy Tails Pet Supplies
324 6th street, Port Orford, Oregon