Curry County Suicide Awareness and Prevention Council

December 2, 2020 Meeting Minutes



Beth Barker-Hidalgo
Substance abuse/recovery

Connie Hunter
Veteran services

Glenda Groff
Elder services


Gordon Clay
Lay member - Chair

Issabella Vermaak
Youth ambassador


Katrina Upton
Tribal community

Nancy Torney
First responder


Kelly Schellong

Law enforcement


Tim Wilson
Youth educator

Pat Piper
Lay member - Vice-Chair

Mental health - Secretary

Juvenile Programming

City Government

Faith Based

Lay Person

Medical Health

Court Boice
BOC Liaison


Samantha Birk
Mental Health, Media

Britt Ivy Boice
Substance abuse/Recovery

Michelle Hanna
Medical health

Tara Modugno
First Responder

Randy Ullom
First Responder


5:30 pm

Call to Order - Via GoToMeetings.


Pledge of Allegiance


Welcome - Each attendee gave their name, affiliation and a reflection of the first year of the SAP Council


Introductions: Roll Call was completed. Quorum not met. (5 Present See-x above)


Approval of Agenda On hold


Approval of Minutes 8/5/20 On hold


Citizens Input: No one present


Report on September direct-mail and retail distribution program. The direct mail program hit businesses and households in the County the last week of September and I started the installation of the brochures in over 100 retail location in the County of the 122 available. The remainder were restaurants and other location that were either closed because of the Governor's order regarding the pandemic or are no longer in business. I added four new locations.


Status report on appliations for open Council positions: Law enforcement office; mental health (behavioral health, social worker, therapist, psychiatrist, or peer support trained in suicidality member; an Elder Services member and a Lay member; medical health (doctor, nurse, hospital board member, community care organization trained in suicidality member; a faith based community members; a city mayor or administrator; a youth ambassador and juvenile programming member. We were only able to fill two of those positions. The BOC agreed to extend the application period. The position was promoted in all three newspapers, Kelly got PSAs on KURY and KGBR. Emails were sent to all organizations I had an email for in the Task Group Organization (See


Discuss and possibly take action for 2021 on reducing the number of Council members. This is follow-up on Council members discussion of taking the Council from 17 to 13, 9, 5 and maybe even 0. Discussion was had on each size and since there was no quorum, a vote could not be taken. There was however a straw poll to have an electronic vote via email. That was done and the Council chose to reduce the number to 9 members, combining Law Enforcement, First Responder and Juvenile Programming into Public Safety and Behavioral and Physical health into one category. By the end of the extended application period we received an application for the Public Safety position which gave us a full nine person Board.


Community Partner Updates - Tim reported that having the kids back in school is very helpful for both students and educators.


Crit/self crit


January 6, 2021, 5:30 pm Sharp. Location depends of Covid-19 restrictions.


Adjourn Meeting was called to an end at 7:41pm

Teresa Costa,