Curry County Suicide Awareness and Prevention Council

August 5, 2020 Meeting Minutes



Beth Barker-Hidalgo
Substance abuse/recovery


Connie Hunter
Veteran services

Glenda Groff
Elder services


Gordon Clay
Lay member - Chair

Issabella Vermaak
Youth ambassador


Katrina Upton
Tribal community


Katlyn Temple
Lay member


Kelly Schellong

Maia Mello
Law enforcement


Nancy Torney
First responder


Pat Piper
Lay member - Vice-Chair


Teresa Costa
Mental health - Secretary

Tim Wilson
Youth educator

City Government

Faith Based

Juvenile Programming

Medical Health

Court Boice
BOC Liason


Samantha Birk
Mental Health, Media

Britt Ivy Boice
Substance abuse/Recovery

Michelle Hanna
Medical health

Tara Modugno
First Responder

Randy Ullom
First Responder


6:04 pm

6:04pm 9 in attendance making a quorum- Late start due to technical difficulties


Pledge of Allegiance Court Boice Led



3 a

Introductions: Roll Call was completed. Quorum met. (9 Present) Beth, Connie, Gordon, Katlyn, Teresa, Tim, Pat, Kelly and Katrina.


Approval of Agenda- No Agenda available due to technical difficulties.


Approval of Minutes 4/1/20, 5/6/20, 6/3/20 Approval of Minutes. No changes made


Public Opportunity to speak. No one present


Task Group Reports:-none

7 a

Hiring a facilitator on Goals Direction plus grant opportunities to fund On hold

7 b

Logo designs. Gordon stated that the pamphlet vote was finished and Katlyn's design with the helping hands and suicide theme colors was chosen.

7 c

Social Media- Curry Suicide Awareness Facebook page. It was suggested that any material to be placed on the page be reviewed by the committee first. On hold

7 d

Funding Sources- not discussed On hold


Old Business

8 a

Let's Talk- Beth spoke on the topic of Overdose Awareness for August. July 29th was the BOC meeting to promote. There will also be a newspaper article written by Beth. Beth shared highlights of the discussion. She shared there is a lack of data to demonstrate the need in the county which limits support we can ask for. She was distressed that there had been 5 overdoses in the last week. She believes the information was received well by the BOC given they asked questions. Gordon and others discussed the SUD and SUICIDE issues and returning to the BOC to continue the discussion. Data needs to be collected and analyzed, documented, and sent to the Oregon Health Authority to apply for help. Connie wants to go to BOC to advocate for veterans given one of the recent OD's was a veteran. The VA changed their medication policies and abruptly took away most opioid's or greatly reduced them without any prep for the veterans leaving many of them to find other ways to cope with their pain and possible dependence on the drugs. The drugs were not titrated properly and caused great distress to the veterans.

8 a 1

Overall Bereaved Parents article, Letter to the Editor, PSA,

8 a 2

Speaker to give 3 minute lived experience with overall PTSD or other lived mental health experience at BOCs 3rd Wednesday of each month - Next meeting July 29th, 9:00 am, Board of Commissioner's Chambers, Gold Beach

8 a 3

Looking for two more people to take an aspect of suicide for September 2 or 16 Commissioner's meetings

8 b

Council Goal Priorities - Gordon wanted to speak on the council goals and priorities and is wanting to call in a facilitator to help us get organized. Beth commented that this goal is difficult to coordinate with the limitations presented by COVID-19. She herself is quite overwhelmed with the Homeless Coalitions move to a new location ( if one is found)

8 b 1

Long Term (2021+) Not discussed On hold.

8 b 2

Short Term (2020) Not discussed On hold

8 b 3

Low Hanging Fruits and unmet needs through December 31st need to be explored. There are a number of old agenda items that need to be discussed.

8 c

Rank and Establish Each Stakeholder's Goal Priorities On hold

8 c a

Stakeholders to determine what goals they have in common with other stakeholders and those goals should be moved up on their individual lists. Oh hold

8 c 1

Long Term (2020+) Stakeholders to determine what goals they have in common with other stakeholders and those goals should be moved up on their individual lists. On hold

8 c 2

Short Term (2021) Stakeholders to determine what goals they have in common with other stakeholders and those goals should be moved up on their individual lists. On hold

8 c 3

Low-Hanging Fruit (now) On hold

8 d

Outreach - Grant Opportunities On hold

8 d 1

8.d.1 Outreach- Grant opportunities discussed. Gordon explained that there is a grant for the COVID-19 impact on isolated seniors however nothing was submitted to use the funds. Beth and Connie had ideas and Connie found a resource to help develop and a 1st run was accomplished. The Adult Behavioral Health initiative to do a 2nd one with more local input and council would work on this. It will also include information for the caregivers of veterans. This is a program out of Lane County that has been expanded to the coast. There was a local meeting held that included Beth, Connie and Gordon as well as other local representatives from various agencies and ultimately the committee was granted $1500.. Kelly shared that she was confused by the discussion in that she had not heard it presented to this committee and wondered why it was not discussed as a group. Gordon clarified that the BOC has to approve the grant and what the grant would be used for. Beth is looking for monies to fulfill the remainder of a $5000 need for the Homeless Coalition that was originally only partially funded. This would be used for training of peer support specialists including a 40-hour course. She only asked for $400 from the committee grant. The training would be open to committee members. The goal is to have the training sometime in September, but it needs to be in person and hands on for the best learning opportunity. Kelly asked some questions: 1. What is class called? And it was explained that it is a Peer Support Specialist training of 40 hours to complete certification. And is designed to work with the homeless coalition and St. Tims- how can we support the population outside of doctor/therapist offices to help them become clean and sober. The hope is that it would reduce the number of overdoses. 2. What happens to the grant funds if the training cannot occur due to COVID-19. It requires role-play so cannot be conducted online. Organizers are looking for a venue that would allow for social distancing. Gordon wondered if the committee had a proposal that it could be put up for a vote today. Out of the $1500 Beth is asking for $400 for her project and Connie is asking for $750 for her project. Gordon wondered if email votes could occur as it is difficult to get a quorum. Connie stated that the Council (BOC?) needs the terms of the grant. Beth feels like we can vote now due to the council's review already. Quick action is needed. Gordon clarified that we do have a process as set up by the BOC and the terms are already agreed on by the BOC to allow the grant application. We need to vote on whether we use the money from the grant towards Beth and Connie's projects. Kelly commented that she was not aware the committee had even applied for the grant and why was it presented to the council without the whole committee's review. The BOC needed to approve the grant application and then vote on how we would use the money. Gordon clarified that if we had waited to vote by email until a quorum was met we would have lost the opportunity. They only had 2 days to apply once they heard about it. Pat believed that Gordon had notified the committee via email back in June. Committee agreed that in the future would like to go through a structured process but no time to do that with this particular situation. Tim moved to accept the two proposals by Beth and Connie and Kat 2nd the movement. So moved.

8 d 2

Develop behavioral health Community resiliency strategies Not discussed On hold

8 d 3

Develop localized “toolkits” and referral tools? not discussed On hold

8 d 4

Sources of Strength or other beneficial youth trainings in suicide awareness and prevention develop ways to fund student youth populations in Mental Health First Aid for Youth, Signs of Suicide, etc not discussed On hold

8 d 5

Develop a survey to be given at appropriate tabling events the Council may participate in. (Azalea Festival, Curry County Fair, any other events in the county?) On hold

8 d 6

6. Ask specific communities (Elders, gender spectrum positive, tribal, youth, veterans, etc.) to develop a list of at-risk situations for their community and what they think might work to reduce those risk factors On hold

8 e

Logo Project Send your ideas to Michelle at On hold


New Business - Gordon discussed that September is Suicide Awareness month. He wonders how the public is coping with the COVID-19 restrictions, especially those that already suffer from mental health issues and /or feelings of isolation. There is a proposal to get the new flyers and trifold out to the public. The Heart and Hands design was chosen to move forward develop/finish those for direct mail and the trifolds for local placement.

Next step is to submit to AllCare and Advanced Health to ensure it aligns with their policies on using their logos. Each want prominent logos included. They then need to be submitted to CACTUS printing for adjustments and mailing.

Additional New Business- Stakeholder positions available are medical, mental health, law enforcement, City government, faith based, Juvenile programing and the need for a new Secretary. It was also suggested that the Youth ambassador position be changed for a term that aligns with the school year.

Kelly suggested that with the difficulty to get a quorum and all members of the committee together that maybe we should develop a small core group and/or change the number of positions on the committee thereby lowering the number of persons needed for a quorum. The county just wanted random people but Gordon has stressed for specific areas of expertise to allow for specialized attention. Kat agreed with Kelly even though it sounds good to have all the areas of specialty, it has not worked out as hoped. We still need to advertise for new members with the hope that they have expertise but maybe not required. Gordon remains concerned that it will cut out the diversity he originally envisioned. It was suggested that there could be a core group that works on something and then brings It to the larger group later. Kelly wonders what the point of having 17 members if only 7 or 8 attend consistently. Kat commented that she understands the goal and ideal but if we can't get enough to get a quorum it does not allow us to move forward. Need to get enough people willing to participate consistently to get business done. Pat wondered if it was legal to do the voting by email and stated that other committees have canceled voting due to legal reasons. Connie commented that after COVID hit it made the process difficult and could we have some grace in voting online given the circumstances. Aspirations are wonderful but current issues are interrupting the process. Factor this in and explain to the BOC. Gordon suggested we put this topic on the agenda for next meeting and invite a proposal.

Finally, a secretary needs to be selected before the next meeting as Teresa is leaving the committee. Is there anybody currently online willing to take on this role. Kat volunteered to be secretary. This could not be voted on at this time due to some members having to leave the meeting early. She is willing to be nominated.

9 a

Next Step: Where do we go from here? - Gordon asked about any ideas that could be added to our agenda and it needs to go to the BOC by the Wednesday before the meeting.

9 b

Outreach (Approved Elements) not discussed

9 b 1

Develop a structure, element development, distribution and funding needs analysis. Appoint a point person to accomplish approved items. On hold

Kelly offered to put together a flyer and media distribution list. She asked that any other ideas for places to distribute be sent to her. On hold

It was suggested that flyers be placed on public transportation. Needs clarification On hold

9 a 2

Ways to fund citizens to take on-line training in QPR ($30) and possible Mental Aid First Aid, ASIST, Start, etc On hold

9 a 3

Ways to fund educators to take on-line training in QPR, Student Mental Health First Aid, ASIST, Kognito, Response Approved On hold

9 a 4

A way to distribute open letter to clinicians. On hold

9 c

Determine Low Hanging Fruit -Gordon stated that our list of low hanging fruit has all been addressed. He wanted to supersede old business discussion. He also wants to move Outreach as there has been no progress on older agenda items. Wants to move to New Business and skip those agenda items. Discussion occurred on Beth's article and Katrina's Facebook which is called Curry Suicide Awareness. Gordon asked that PSA's be sent to Kelly as well as the letter to the editor. Beth wants to ensure that any material proposed be processed through the committee which allows for second set of eyes to review any material for PSA's, FACEBOOK, letter's to the editor etc. Kat is willing to work with Kelly to move this forward.


Community Partner Updates


Crit/Self Crit Crit/self Crit


eptember 2, 2020, 5:30 Sharp. Location depends of COVID-19 restrictions.


Adjourn Meeting was called to an end at 7:31pm

Teresa Costa