Curry County Suicide Awareness and Prevention Council

July 1, 2020 Meeting Minutes



Beth Barker-Hidalgo
Substance abuse/recovery


Connie Hunter
Veteran services

Glenda Groff
Elder services


Gordon Clay
Lay member - Chair

Issabella Vermaak
Youth ambassador

Katrina Upton
Tribal community


Katlyn Temple
Lay member

Kelly Schellong

Maia Mello
Law enforcement


Teresa Costa
Mental health - Secretary

Nancy Torney
First responder

Pat Piper
Lay member - Vice-Chair


Tim Wilson
Youth educator

Juvenile Programming

City Government

Faith Based


Court Boice
BOC Liason


Samantha Birk
Mental Health, Media

Britt Ivy Boice
Substance abuse/Recovery

Michelle Hanna
Medical health

Tara Modugno
First Responder

Randy Ullom
First Responder


5:30 pm

Call to Order - Via GoToMeetings.


Pledge of Allegiance Court Boice Led


Welcome - Gordon asked members to give 3 words the think of when considering the committee's qualities. Beth-accountability, awareness, advocacy. Connie-leadership, networking, safety net. Gordon- Survive, strive, thrive. Katlyn-advocacy, support, transformation. Teresa-compassion, empathy, understanding. Tim-listen, learn, live. Court-patience, gentleness, kindness

3 a

Introductions: Roll Call was completed. Quorum not met. (7 Present) Gordon shared that we need to fill one vacant position- may need to implement without council approval. Gordon also shared that he and others were able to distribute text line information in the school lunch bags at the high school. He was able to make some quick "elevator speeches" to parents as they picked up the bags. Wally's house has put out about 500 bags, Advanced health ordered 1000 flyers to distribute. The Gold Beach High School principal is also willing to make sure each student receives one.


Approval of Agenda On hold


Approval of Minutes 4/1/20, 5/6/20, 6/3/20 On hold


Citizens Input: No one present However there has been some discussion with Will Wasson regarding a virtual Stand Down as well as a virtual fitness program.


Task Group Reports: Michelle Hanna left Advanced Health and resigned from the committee-Need new representative from the medical community. Beth suggested better training is needed for the medical community on the right questions to ask in screening for suicidal thoughts. Gordon stated that only 32% of providers ask about suicidal thoughts. Surveys show they do not ask due to lack of time or no protocol on what to do if answer is yes. Many victims of suicide had recently visited a medical provider in the last 45 days to a year. Also need to get Faith Based organizations involved and asking the question.

Beth is very concerned about housing issues even with the eviction protections that are in place due to COVID-19. Should we offer informational cards to the various housing agencies and faith based organizations. However, due to COVID-19 many places are not putting out materials for client access.

7 a

Hiring a facilitator on Goals Direction plus grant opportunities to fund On hold

7 b

Logo designs. Check Vista Print or Google for logo ideas. Michelle is still willing to help with logo designs.

7 c

Social Media Social Media- A Facebook Page has been created by Katrina Upton. She is also working on other social media outlets. Please suggest information suitable for the page On hold

7 d

Funding sources (9.2) On hold


Old Business

8 a

Let's Talk- Beth will be speaking on the topic of Overdose Awareness month for August. July 29th is the BOC meeting to promote. There will also be a newspaper article.

8 a 1

Overall Bereaved Parents article, Letter to the Editor, PSA,

8 a 2

Speaker to give 3 minute lived experience with overall PTSD or other lived mental health experience at BOCs 3rd Wednesday of each month - Next meeting July 29th, 9:00 am, Board of Commissioner's Chambers, Gold Beach

8 a 3

Looking for two more people to take an aspect of suicide for September 2 or 16 Commissioner's meetings

8 b

Council Goal Priorities Decide on the system to use and the person to take point and persons who are supporting the process to use to determine. On hold

8 b 1

Long Term (2021+) Rank importance On hold.

8 b 2

Short Term (2020) On hold

8 b 3

Low-Hanging Fruit What the Council can do NOW to address the suicidal reactions of at-risk Curry County citizens to the loss of jobs, closed schools, social distancing, the economy and potential infection from COVID-19

Will distribute Crisis Text Line 741741 wallet cards and a flyer on "How to have a conversation about Mental Health" to all parents picking up lunch bags at Gold Beach High School on June 5 and Brookings-Harbor High School on June 9.

What is the target market of people who use the food bank?

8 c

Rank and Establish Each Stakeholder's Goal Priorities (As determined by the individual Stakeholder Task Groups) Report when ready. Stakeholders to determine what goals they have in common with other stakeholders and those goals should be moved up on their individual lists. Beth Spoke about S.U.D.- lack of access to MAT (medication assisted treatment) for those persons that want to get off their addiction. No mechanism for treatment of serious drug/alcohol addiction in the county. County needs a PCP to provide MAT-This is available at other hospitals and they also refer to other treatment programs. If somebody is ready for treatment it needs to happen then. Dr. Silver is known to provide MAT but no other help is available. Only one person in county for SUD and that is Greg Gill. No help for inmates in local jail either. Beth is covering this topic at the next board meeting. Discussion ensued about resources such as social media, radio, newspaper etc.. To get the word out about this topic and open discussion. The NA/AA meetings have been canceled due to COVID-19 so persons are out there with no help. Connie suggested we make sure the CCO's are involved due to the hospital not having funding or don't want to deal with it. Much of the staff at hospital are rotating so no consistency to get investment in issue. Beth -we know what is lacking. The DATA is there-need infusion of money from other hospitals or agencies to provide programs. We deserve better. Gordon asked if the state can help at all and Beth will see if there is anything. Connie suggested the tax base from south county voted down so sustainability.

Gordon explained bullet points on depression and that many overlapped. He has looked at other Suicide awareness committees for examples. He is wanting to address how theses topics are affected in our county. Beth asked about depression for instance and what resources are to be offered if someone endorses depression as a symptom. Gordon wondered how much anxiety and depression affects SUD and suicide. Gordon is wondering how to give resources and protocol to interact with children and adolescents. Tim Wilson shared that there is a series of videos called "Safe schools" and that the district is now providing training on suicide awareness as part of Adi's Act. There are also good resources on the Department of Education website. There is a new superintendent for the district, and he is much more proactive and engaged and is incorporating the Big 6 to problem solving and decision making.

8 c a

Stakeholders to determine what goals they have in common with other stakeholders and those goals should be moved up on their individual lists. Oh hold

8 c 1

Long Term (2020+) Stakeholders to determine what goals they have in common with other stakeholders and those goals should be moved up on their individual lists. On hold

8 c 2

Short Term (2021) Stakeholders to determine what goals they have in common with other stakeholders and those goals should be moved up on their individual lists. On hold

8 c 3

Low-Hanging Fruit (now) On hold

8 d

Outreach - Grant Opportunities On hold

8 d 1

Determine the opportunity for grants to develop and distribute Council programs and materials. On hold

8 d 2

Develop behavioral health Community resiliency strategies On hold

8 d 3

Develop localized “toolkits” and referral tools? On hold

8 d 4

Sources of Strength or other beneficial youth trainings in suicide awareness and prevention develop ways to fund student youth populations in Mental Health First Aid for Youth, Signs of Suicide, etc On hold

8 d 5

Develop a survey to be given at appropriate tabling events the Council may participate in. (Azalea Festival, Curry County Fair, any other events in the county?) On hold

8 d 6

6. Ask specific communities (Elders, gender spectrum positive, tribal, youth, veterans, etc.) to develop a list of at-risk situations for their community and what they think might work to reduce those risk factors On hold

8 e

Logo Project Send your ideas to Michelle at On hold


New Business

9 a

Next Steps: Where do we go from here?

9 b

Outreach (Approved Elements)

9 b 1

Develop a structure, element development, distribution and funding needs analysis. Appoint a point person to accomplish approved items. On hold

Kelly offered to put together a flyer and media distribution list. She asked that any other ideas for places to distribute be sent to her. On hold

It was suggested that flyers be placed on public transportation. Needs clarification On hold

9 a 2

Ways to fund citizens to take on-line training in QPR ($30) and possible Mental Aid First Aid, ASIST, Start, etc On hold

9 a 3

Ways to fund educators to take on-line training in QPR, Student Mental Health First Aid, ASIST, Kognito, Response Approved On hold

9 a 4

A way to distribute open letter to clinicians. On hold

9 c

Determine Low Hangling Fruit for 2020 On hold


Community Partner Updates


Crit/Self Crit Crit/self Crit The committee has met for 6 months now and Gordon is disappointed in how little has been accomplished. He wants ideas on how to activate the other members. He suggested maybe he should step down as chair and instead just be a member. He wonders if someone else would be more effective and motivating the group. Wonders if he was only elected as chair because he has been the driving force in getting the committee started. He will stay in the position but is looking for solutions. Pandemic is going to increase risk and outcome. He believes other groups in other counties are still producing even in the face of COVID-19. AllCare, Advanced Health, and other groups have functioning committees with members from various stakeholder groups coming together to produce efforts not part of their personal employment.

Teresa shared the difficulty in meeting with the committee needs due to lack of resources to call on that overwhelms the committee members. The few engaged in this issue have so much to do with little time given their other full-time commitments. Connie stated she is actively engaged in suicide prevention through her many outlets and opportunities with various groups and agencies. She wonders how we can translate what we already do daily into goals for stakeholders and the committee in general.

Kat commented that we were in our infancy before COVID-19 hit and suggests that we focus on that we are doing the best we can given the circumstances. Not one member present accepted the suggestion that Gordon step down as chair.


August 5, 2020, 5:30 Sharp. Location depends of COVID-19 restrictions.


Adjourn Meeting was called to an end at 7:41pm

Teresa Costa, 7/15/20