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Recording Division

County Clerk's Office Hours

Monday thru Friday 9:00am-12:00pm & 1:00pm-4:00pm
    29821 Ellensburg Ave
Mailing: 94235 Moore Street, Suite 212
Gold Beach, OR 97444
(541) 247-3295

County Clerk Reneé Kolen
The County Clerk's Office keeps all of the records of the Board of Commissioners, recording of deeds and other items affecting the title of property. Other recorded and filed documents include Marriage Licenses/Certificates, Domestic Partnerships, Military Discharges (DD214's), Mining Records, Oaths, and Taxing District Budgets.


  • Giving Legal Advice
  • Helping Fill Out Documents
  • Accepting Illegible Documents
  • Recording Documents Other Than Those Specified by Oregon and Federal Law
Legibility Requirements
In accordance with state laws, the County Clerk's Office shall preserve all records affecting the title to real property. All documents are permanent records and must be legible for the integrity of the public record. 
Non-Standard Form Fee 
A $20.00 non-standard fee is added in addition to all other fees to documents that do not meet the requirements as defined in ORS 205.232, 205.234, and 205.327. 
Legal Description 
A legal description is not a tax lot number or street address. Acceptable legal descriptions are: 

  • A subdivision name with lot and block 
  • A metes and bounds description 
  • Partition plat recording and parcel number 
  • Reference to a book and page or instrument of any previously recorded
Curry County record where the description may be found.
Recording of Corrected Documents (ORS 205.244)
Any document that has been previously recorded may be re-recorded to make corrections in the original document. 

The corrected document need not be acknowledged again. 

A statement shall be written on the first page attached to the document. The statement shall contain the words: 

Re-recorded at the request of ____________________ to correct ______________ previously recorded in Book ___ and Page ____ or Instrument # ___________.
Returning Original Documents
All documents received through the mail will be returned the following business day.
Please include a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE). 
Documents brought to the counter will be returned the same day.