Curry County Surveyor's Office


Reily Smith - Surveyor
Ms. Stacey Duvall - Department Specialist

94235 Moore Street, Suite 114
Gold Beach, OREGON  97444
(We're in the Courthouse Annex, on the bottom floor)
(541) 247-3225 (office)
(541) 425-0615 (Reily's cell)
(541) 247-4579 (fax) (Reily's e-mail) (Stacey's e-mail)
You can send your request via telephone, email or fax.
Office Hours:
Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursdays approx 9:00am-2:00pm
The Surveyor's Office is part-time only.  If you need assistance outside the above office hours please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your request. 
If you are familiar with our office and know how to research and find the maps you need, the Planning Department staff can let you into the map room and accept payment for any maps taken.  Please be sure to put the map folder(s), of which you've taken a copy of, in the designated holder (on the wall) so we can be sure to replace them for the next person.


Curry County Surveyor

*Disclaimer* We cannot give legal advice!  We only provide records that have been filed with Curry County Surveyor’s office.  It is the sole responsibility of the requestor to understand any and all laws pertaining to the record requested and/or have any and all records reviewed by a qualified professional.  

We will be glad to help you find any Maps or Survey, Parcel Map, Tract Map or other filed map that may be available regarding the subject of parcel of land.  Our filing system is partially based on your Assessor Parcel Map number (APN) and Tax Lot number which can be found on your tax statement and other real estate paperwork.  If you have this APN number with you it will speed up the "hunt" for information.  If you call ahead with a particular map number, we will try to have it printed for you, when you come in. 

 Note: All records provided online are scanned copies of the originals filed with the Surveyor’s office.  Please contact us if any records are illegible or difficult to read and we’ll be happy to rescan or possibly provide another format, if and when available.  Smaller map copies are available upon request, however, please note that they will not be to scale.

(cash or check only - due at time of delivery) 
Map of Survey or Property Line Adjustment filing fee:    $140.00
Partition Plat:      $1,000.00
Subdivision Plat + per lot      $1,500.00 + $100.00
Map copies: 
   11"x17" (or smaller)      $8.00
   18"x24"                      $10.00
   24"x36"                      $20.00
Scanned & e-mailed        $40.00 per file
Compile & mail disk        $50.00 per file

Curry County Surveyor