Curry County Surveyor


Curry County Surveyor

Bryan Flavin

94235 Moore Street, Suite 114

Gold Beach, OREGON  97444

(541) 425-0615 (cell)

Office hours 9:00 AM until at least Noon Wednesdays and Thursdays (or by appointment-call the cell phone) 




The surveyor's office is pleased to say that Kendra Stone will be available on a part time basis to aid in map sales and filing. No technical advice will be available except by contacting me via email or cell phone. The office days for the surveyor to be in the office have now been changed to Wednesday and Thursday. 

    The surveyor's office is in the process of scanning all filed maps of survey, partitions and subdivisions into the system which will be indexed and placed on this page for access and downloading. This will be a timely undertaking so please have patience with the progress. There will also be a "paypal" account set up for the purchase of the downloads.