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Our Vision

The vision for the Curry County Sheriff’s Office is to provide professional law enforcement services which deliver a feeling of safety and security to our citizens in an unbiased and fiscally responsible manner using the resources available.

Curry County Parole and Probation

About the Department…


“We see a fair, just and safe society where community partnerships are restoring hope by embracing a balance of prevention, intervention and advocacy.” – American Probation and Parole Association


In coordination with the Oregon Dept. of Corrections, Curry County Jail and The Curry County Circuit Court, the Curry County Parole & Probation Department supervises felony adult offenders who live and work within our community that are on either Post-Prison Supervision (Parole) or formal probation.


The Probation Officers (PO) within this department partner with local treatment centers and other community groups to assist offenders not only to successfully complete their court obligations, but also to hopefully change criminal thinking thereby reducing recidivism (committing new crimes).  POs hold offenders accountable for their choices, conduct work and home visits, electronically monitor those on house arrest, administer drug tests, and provide support and protection for victims of crime.


Probationers that violate their conditions of supervision may be sanctioned (given consequences) by their PO.  This could include jail time, community service, etc.   They may also request to the court for an offender’s probation to be revoked, thereby returning the offender to prison or jail with community supervision upon their release.


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