Passport Services

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              Applications can be picked up at our office or downloaded at the following:



How Do I Apply:

The back of the application for Passport explains in detail most of the questions you may have regarding passport book or passport card applications. Please read the entire instructions carefully, especially sections (1) and (2) regarding Proof of U.S. Citizenship and Proof of Identity.


When Presenting Your Application To The Clerk's Office To Be Processed, You Must Have The Following Items With You:

1. Certified copy of birth certificate or Vital Statistic’s card (or other allowable “Proof of Citizenship”, hospital registration will not suffice—see instructions on back of application). If you were born in California or Texas, you must have the 8-1/2" x 11" long form certified birth certificate.

2. One check or money order per passport made payable to: U.S. Passport Agency (Passport Book $110 Age 16 & over/$80 Under age 16) or (Passport Card $30 Age 16 & over/$15 Under age 16).

3. Separate fee to County Clerk’s office for $25 per passport (this may be cash or check).

4. Completed application. DO NOT SIGN APPLICATION UNTIL IN THE                                                                                           PRESENCE OF COUNTY CLERK.

5. One (1) acceptable photos (“2X2”). As of 11/01/2016, the wearing of eye glasses in                                                                                 a passport photo will not be accepted.

6. Driver’s license (or other allowable “Proof of Identity” - see instructions on back of application).

NOTE: PASSPORTS ARE PROCESSED WITHIN 4-6 WEEKS.                                                   EXPEDITE SERVICES ARE AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST FOR AN                               ADDITIONAL $60.00.