Tourism & Economic Development
Summer Matteson-Kinney 
94235 Moore Street, Suite 122
Gold Beach, OR 97444
(541) 247-3215
Be part of something different. The Curry Coast is the westernmost point of the mainland United States - we are literally 'Living on the Edge'! Take a risk and join us. Whether your office is in Seattle or the Silicon Valley, you'll find the Curry Coast the ideal place to work remotely from home. With a continuous fiber optic loop and a view to write poetry about, we are the destination to grow your business and your lifestyle. Live life on the edge; life is too short to be complacent! Visit our website for business resources and other helpful information.

Curry County Requirements
Mail all correspondence to:
94235 Moore Street Suite 122
Gold Beach, OR 97444 
 Include check payment for County fees, AND OLCC fees if you are;
* Applying for a new license - $100 Curry County fee
* Changing ownership  - $75 Curry County fee
* Applying for an event - $35 Curry County fee
The application will be processed and mailed to the OLCC office in Coos Bay, along with your OLCC payment. Prior to forwarding to OLCC, the application will be emailed to the address noted on the application, as well as the OLCC Coos Bay office. 
Annual renewals will be mailed separately by applicant to OLCC:
 OLCC License Renewals
PO Box 22297
Milwaukie, OR 97269 
Please note, OLCC will not process an annual renewal if a copy of the application and payment has not been received by Curry County.
* Annual Renewal - $50 Curry County fee
Need more information?
(541) 247-3215