Advisory Boards, Committees, and Councils

As a result of the County's financial situation, additional information can be requested by submitting a completed Public Records Request Form


Ambulance Service Area Advisory Committee

  • FUNCTION: Review & recommend  selection criteria for ambulance service franchisee;provide info to BOC from consumers, providers & med community; periodically review ASA plan
  • FOUNDATION: ORS 682.031; Ordinance 04-13
  • POSiTIONS:  1 physician w/emerg med care exper; 1 EMT or paramedic; 1 hosp administrator; 1 RN w/emerg med care exper; 1 law enforcement officer; 1 fire dept rep; 1 dispatch ctr rep; 2 lay (county admin & staff ex-officio)
  • TERM:  3 years, expiring 4/20 (Initial appts staggered)
  • NUMBER OF MEMBERS:  9 appt'd; 5 for quorum; majority of total members req'd to pass motions
  • SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS:  Reorganized & restructured  by Ordinance 04-13, effective 1/16/05
  • INFORMATION CONTACT: Commissioner Sue Gold


Board of Property Tax Appeals

  • FUNCTION: Hears & reviews petitions for reductions of assessed property values
  • FOUNDATION:  ORS 309.020; 309-067
  • MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS:  1 of county governing body or nonoffice-holding designee, plus 2 nonoffice-holding residents who are not employed by county or taxing dist
  • POSTIONS:  Pools of 3: 1 commissioner or designee; 2 lay (see member reqmts)
  • TERM:  From appt date to 6/30
  • NUMBER OF MEMBERS:  At least 1 pool of 3
  • SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS:  Appts. On or before Oct. 15 each year. Training during appt. year, then every other year required.
  • INFORMATION CONTACT:  Deputy County Clerk (Recording) 541-247-3295  1-800-243-7620

Two (2) vacancies on the Board of Property Tax Appeals (BOPTA) exist. Applications will be accepted until 5:00PM Wednesday, September 27, 2017.  Anyone interested in applying to fill the vacancy,
The terms will expire June 30, 2018.  

Budget Committee

  • FUNCTION: Review & provide input on county budget (meets up to 2 weeks per year)
  • FOUNDATION:  ​ORS 294.414
  • MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS:  Experience with municipal budgets or background in accounting or finance
  • POSTIONS: Members of the governing body and a number, equal to the number of members of the governing body; 1 north; 1 central; 1 south
  • TERM:  3 years; staggered so that one-third of the terms of the appointive members end each year. 
  • SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS:  Appointive members of the committee may not be officers, agents or employees of the municipal corporation
  • INFORMATION CONTACT:  Board of Commissioners' Office: or 541-247-3296

Building Codes Appeals Board

  • FUNCTION: Provide forum for resolutions of disputes regarding interpretation of Building Codes. Hears appeals of county official's interpretation of code
  • FOUNDATION:  Section 204; State Building Code; Ordinance 90-23
  • MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS: Professional: experience and/or training in building trades
  • POSTIONS:  5 professional; 2 lay; 1 county building official "ex officio"
  • TERM:  4 years ending 8/30
  • NUMBER OF MEMBERS:  8; 4 for quorum
  • INFORMATION CONTACT:  Curry County Building Official 888-811-1520 or 541-247-3304

CCD Business Development Corporation Board of Directors

  • FUNCTION: Act as liaison between local business community and CCD Business Development and its available services. Encourage new businesses & expansion of existing businesses.
  • FOUNDATION:  ORS  references State  Business Development
  • MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS:  A background and expertise in internal controls, financial risk management, commercial lending, legal issues relating to commercial lending, and corporate governance. Directors may be either currently employed or retired. A CDC must have at least one voting director that represents the economic, community or workforce development fields, and at least two voting directors that represent the commercial lending field.
  • POSTIONS:  2 Govt reps; 2 Financial Inst. reps; 2 Econ Dev reps; 2 Business reps
  • TERM:  1 year, from 7/1 to 6/30
  • NUMBER OF MEMBERS:  8 each Coos, Curry, Douglas
  • SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS:  Appoint & send copies of appt. orders to CCD Business Dev before 5/1 each year
  • INFORMATION CONTACT:  CCD Business Dev 541-672-6728

Citizen Involvement Committee

  • MANDATED:  Yes
  • FUNCTION:  Assist BOC in developing program to promote and enhance citizen involvement in land use planning.
  • FOUNDATION:  ORS 197.160
  • MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS:  Knowledge, background, or experience with Curry land use helpful.
  • POSTIONS:  Geographic & occupational diversity. No 2 w/same occupation.  One from south, central, north.
  • TERM:  3 years
  • SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS:  Serves at pleasure of BOC
  • INFORMATION CONTACT:  Planning Dept. 888-811-1520 or 541-247-3304

Combined Transit Service and STF Advisory Committees

  • MANDATED:  Yes
  • FUNCTION:  To advice the Public Transit Service District on matters that pertain to the transportation needs of those utilizing the transit system; to encourage and promote services that meet those needs; and review, advise, and assist in the distribution of moneys from the Special Transportation Fund.
  • FOUNDATION:  Order No. 12313 passed 03-15-2006
  • MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS:  Reside in the County or district, knowledgeable about the transportation needs of the elderly and disabled persons, either a person, a representative of, or a provider of service to the elderly or disabled residing in the County or district. 
  • TERM:  2 years
  • INFORMATION CONTACT: Commissioner Court Boice

               Minutes  02-12-2015                     Minutes 10-06-2015                  Minutes 02-17-2016

Compensation Board

  • MANDATED:  Yes
  • FUNCTION:  Annually review the compensation paid to persons comparably employed by the State of Oregon, local public bodies and private businesses within a labor market deemed appropriate by the board for each elective officer.  The board shall take into account such factors as the number of employees supervised and the size of the budget administered by each elective officer, the duties and responsibilities of each elective officer, and the compensation paid to subordinates and other appointed employees who serve in positions of comparable management responsibility.  The board shall prepare and approve by majority vote a recommended compensation schedule for the elective officers and shall submit the recommended compensation schedule to the county governing body
  • FOUNDATION:  2007 ORS 204.112
  • MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS:  Knowledgeable in personnel and compensation management
  • TERM:  Terms shall be for three years.
  • NUMBER OF MEMBERS:  Three to five members
  • INFORMATION CONTACT: Curry County Board of Commissioners' Office or 541-247-3296

Meeting Monday, April 24, 2017 at 10:00AM    Hearing Room, Courthouse Annex  

Coos-Curry Housing Authority

  • MANDATED:  Yes
  • FUNCTION: Undertake & develop programs to assist residents in providing safe and sanitary dwelling accommodations for low income renters.
  • FOUNDATION: ORS 456.075; Curry Resolution 7/22/76
  • POSTIONS:  4 Coos; 4 Curry; 1 tenant of affordable housing
  • TERM:  4 years, expiring 7/21; staggered *changed from 5 yrs 8/09
  • SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS:  Coordinated by North Bend City/Coos-Curry Housing Auth (FAX 541-756-4990)
  • INFORMATION CONTACT: Marka Turner  541-751-2042;

Meeting Agenda September 27, 2017

A vacancy on the Coos-Curry Housing Authority Board exists. Applications will be accepted until 5:00PM Wednesday, September 20, 2017.  Anyone interested in applying to fill the vacancy,
The term will expire July 21, 2021.  

County Real Property Task Force

  • FUNCTION:  To accurately inventory and review the parcels of land that are in County ownership, and to make a recommendation to the Board of Curry County Commissioners on what action, if any, should be taken with respect to said parcels.



  • MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS:  Residents of Curry County, a realtor, a member with a background in public works or parks, and two at large members.
  • POSTIONS:  Curry County Economic Development Director, a Realtor, and a person with a background in public works or parks.
  • TERM:  The Task Force members shall serve until December 31, 2015, at which time the Task Force shall be disbanded
  • INFORMATION CONTACT: or 541-247-3296

           9-03-2015 Agenda          9-03-2015 Minutes                                                          10-02-2015 Agenda              10-02-2015 Minutes 
         10-28-2015 Agenda        10-28-2015 Minutes                                                         12-01-2015 Agenda              12-01-2015 Minutes

Fair Board

  • MANDATED:  Yes
  • FUNCTION: Manages fairgrounds, fair properties, business, financial & other affairs. Promotes utilization of fairground facilities.
  • FOUNDATION:  ORS 565.210
  • MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS:  Ability to be bonded.
  • TERM:  3 years from the January following appt, expiring 1/1
  • NUMBER OF MEMBERS:  Minimum 3, Maximum 7
  • SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS:  Fair Mgr: Ron Crook (
  • INFORMATION CONTACT:  Event Center Manager 877-739-4228 or 541-247-4541

Farm Board of Review

  • FUNCTION:  Reviews & advises Assessor on factors used in determining values for farm use of farmland.
  • FOUNDATION:  ORS 308A.095
  • MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS:  Knowledge & experience in farmland values.
  • POSTIONS:  2 Assessor appts.;2 BOC appts; 1 F B appt.
  • TERM:  2 years, exp 12/30; 1 year for FB appointee; unexp terms
  • NUMBER OF MEMBERS:  4 plus 1
  • INFORMATION CONTACT:  Assessor 800-242-7601 or 541-247-3294

Forestland-Urban Interface Classification Committee

  • FUNCTION: Educate property owners in forestland-urban interface areas in reducing wildfire hazards
  • FOUNDATION:  ORS 477.027; Order 13100
  • MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS:  One member must be permanent resident of forestland-urban interface area.
  • POSTIONS:  3 apptd by BOC; 1 apptd by State Forester; 1 apptd by State Fire Marshall
  • TERM:  4 years at pleasure of BOC
  • SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS:  BOC may reappt to any number of terms or replace members with written notice to State Forester

Local Public Safety Coordinating Council

  • MANDATED:  Yes
  • FUNCTION: Shall develop and recommend to BOC plans to provide for and influence public safety.
  • FOUNDATION:  ORS 423.560
  • MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS:  Comprised of members of agencies that provide for and influence public safety.
  • POSTIONS:  Comm; police chf; sheriff; DA; st court judge; pub defndr/def atty;mayor; city mgr/city rep; Comm Corr supv; educ rep; CCCCF rep; Health Dir; Hum Serv Dir; Juv Dir; child/ fam svc rep; subst abuse prev coord; OYA rep; OSP rep; hosp rep; 3 lay
  • TERM:  At pleasure of B.O.C. except: 3 lay (2 years) and student (1 schl year)
  • NUMBER OF MEMBERS:  23 named positions; quorum= majority voting members present; 5 minimum
  • SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS:  BOC appts lay members. OSP, OYA, student rep are non-voting; addl voting members may be added with LPSCC & BOC approval
  • INFORMATION CONTACT:  Commissioner Court Boice or David Denney
                   Agenda 10-22-2015  Minutes                                  Agenda 01-28-2016       Minutes
                   Agenda 03-31-2016   Minutes                                         Agenda 04-28-2016      Minutes 
                   Agenda 06-02-2016   Minutes                                         Agenda 07-14-2016        Minutes
                   Agenda 10-20-2016   Minutes                                         Agenda 12-15-2016      Minutes  
                   Agenda 01-12-2017   Minutes                                         Agenda 02-02-2017       Minutes                  
                   Agenda 03-02-2017    Minutes                                          03-07-2017       Minutes
                   Agenda 03-30-2017  Minutes                                    Agenda 04-27-2017    Minutes 
                   Agenda   05-25-2017  Minutes                                  Agenda  06-29-2017   Minutes  Public Notice
                   Agenda   10-05-2017  Minutes  Public Notice 

PEG Task Force



FUNCTION: To determine how to most effectively spend PEG funds to best meet the needs of the County, other local governments, education system, and the public, and to make a recommendation to the Board of Curry County Commissioners regarding its findings.


MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS:  Curry County resident.


POSTIONS:  The Task Force shall consist of five members to include one representative from the Information Technology (IT) Department, one representative from the Facilities Maintenance Department, one employee from the Commissioners’ Office, and two lay positions.


TERM:  Unless otherwise ordered by the Board, the PEG Task Force members shall serve until December 31, 2015, at which time the Task Force shall be disbanded.

INFORMATION CONTACT: or 541-247-3296
             10-07-2015 Meeting Agenda                                           10-07-2015 Meeting Minutes
                12-03-2015 Meeting Agenda                                          12-03-2015 Meeting Minutes
                                 12-10-2015 Meeting Agenda                                          12-10-2015 Meeting Minutes                   

Planning Commission

  • MANDATED:  Yes
  • FUNCTION: Make decisions on subdivision applications and appeals of staff decisions on land use permits. Advise the Board of Commissioners on land use policy changes. 
  • FOUNDATION:  ORS 215.020 Ordinance 4/1/68
  • MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS:  Equal geographic representation and occupational diversity (no more than 2 in same occupation or profession)
  • POSTIONS:  3 each: north, central, south
  • TERM:  4 years
  • SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: Notify County Clerk of new appointments
  • INFORMATION CONTACT: Community Development Department 541-247-3284


RSVP Advisory Board

  • FUNCTION: Assists w/admin of very large volunteer network of active seniors involved w/commun service programs for people of all ages. Enlists, encourages, engages srs in meaningful volunteer activities. Promotes awareness, dev of serv & benefits avail to seniors.
  • FOUNDATION:  Federally funded-RSVP Operations Handbook
  • MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS:  No age requirement. Interest in community service and capabilities of older adults.
  • TERM:  3 years, expiring 1/01
  • NUMBER OF MEMBERS:  10 minimum; 15 maximum
  • SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS:  Applications to RSVP for recommendation
  • MEMBERS:  Pattie Cook, Gary Cook, Sharon Mather, Beth Barker-Hidalgo, Barbara Peaslee-Lento, Linda Elfman

Solid Waste & Recycling Advisory Committee

  • FUNCTION:  Oversee & review solid waste & recycling programs. Meets quarterly.
  • FOUNDATION:  CC Code 2.05.060, 070, 080; Ord 02-01
  • POSTIONS:  1 rep of solid waste franchisee, 3 officials of 3 cities in county; 3 lay (geographic) incl 2 from unincorp areas, l non-voting liaison commissioner
  • TERM:  3 years, expiring 7/22
  • INFORMATION CONTACT:  Commissioner Sue Gold

Veterans' Advisory Council

  • FUNCTION: Provide forum for veterans groups to coordinate & report activities & make recommendations to BOC.
  • FOUNDATION:  Resolution adopted 1/30/06
  • MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS:  Must be nominated by veterans organization
  • POSTIONS:  1 from each local post of vets' organization/1 womens' auxiliary.
  • TERM: 
  • NUMBER OF MEMBERS:  *8 (positions may be added by membership vote)
  • SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS:  VSO recruits for vacancies,  BOC makes appts.
  • INFORMATION CONTACT:  Anthony Voudy, VSO 541-247-3205 or 866-298-0404